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Observer Ranch Updates: July 2021

Hello Observers!

We are excited to share that the ranch has been looking GREEN! We have acquired 5 more acres west of the original RV sites, and are still working on the to-do list required by Fremont County. We are currently waiting on topography reports for the entire property (brand new LIDAR scan) and expect them soon. After drainage reports we can begin to break ground! We’ll be continuing to work on the design phase of the learning center and campground- including getting road base. We’ve got buffalo gourds growing, too! About 100 lining the creek!

Ben and Kat Davidson

We want to invite you to join us on our newest adventure in the making: Observer Ranch!

Observer Ranch is an educational campground and learning center that counters the narrative of fear by equipping and informing folks of all ages through sharing research and teaching hands-on skill sets. In addition to having RV spots and cabins, we will offer programs, classes and special events! 

Campground for Today, Education for Tomorrow.

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Are you a citizen scientist guided by critical thinking? Are you interested in learning skills to help you adapt to the ever-changing Earth? Are you captivated by the skies beyond our world? If so, then you are an Observer.

Watch our daily YouTube updates by 6:30 AM EST, posted daily for over the last decade! 

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Kira and Lulu Visit the Milky Way is now available!

We have an online store with merchandise for Observers, ranging from books, clothing, and merchandise. Every purchase helps us towards our goal of developing a campground for our community!

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…I cannot stress the importance of the work of yourself and the Observers at large have had on my life…

B. Medhurst