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We want to invite you to join us on our newest adventure in the making: Observer Ranch!

Observer Ranch will be an educational campground and learning center in central Colorado. We aim to share and effectively communicate research related to the sun’s impact on Earth, to teach skills to aid in sustainable practices of gardening, homesteading, agriculture, and to counter the lack of awareness and narrative of fear surrounding some of these topics. In addition to having RV sites and cabins, we will offer day classes and events in our Learning Center and Library, and return to hosting our annual Observing The Frontier conference series!

Campground for Today, Education for Tomorrow.


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Observer Ranch Updates: May 2023

Steady progress is continuing at the ranch! 

We now have some doors and windows in our main administration building. Each campsite is being designed as well with our team. We’re making slow and steady progress with our wells, and have done an initial walk through to make sure all electric outlets, fixtures and switches are adequate and are where they need to be.

The photos above will be the learning center where we will hold classes, events and conferences.

A deck extends from the doors, it is exciting to think about the memories we will create with visitors in the future. We can’t wait for further development! 

We are planning on having small group tours of the ranch and it’s progress this summer. If you are interested, watch for more details! 

Together with Space Weather News, Observer Ranch brings you “The Observer Review.” A monthly scientific magazine that discusses space weather analysis, astrophysics, the catastrophe cycle, and more. 

To subscribe to “The Observer Review,” click here.

Observer Ranch Updates: January 2023

We are underway building the foundation of the main building on the ranch. This main building will be home to campground administration, the Observer Library, an event space, a coffee bar, and more! 


There is still a chance to get in on our 2023 Founder Wall Initiative. 

Your donation is tax deductible through Little Spark, a non-profit that helps with developments looking to empower through education.

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Can I visit the Observer Ranch? We cannot host visitors/guests at this time – we are aiming for Summer 2023 but understand delays occur and may continue.

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…I cannot stress the importance of the work of yourself and the Observers at large have had on my life…

B. Medhurst