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Upcoming Events:

Colorado Springs, CO | Play Street Museum
December 11 – 11:30AM – 1PM Planets, Pizza and Playtime
December 31 – 4:30PM – 6:30PM: Constellations, Pizza and Playtime


We want to invite you to join us on our newest adventure in the making: Observer Ranch!

Observer Ranch will be an educational campground and learning center in central Colorado. We aim to counter the narrative of fear by equipping and informing folks of all ages through sharing research related to solar-terrestrial physics, and teaching hands-on skill sets like gardening/homesteading. In addition to having RV sites and cabins, we will offer day classes and events in our Learning Center and Library, and return to hosting our annual Observing The Frontier conference series!

Campground for Today, Education for Tomorrow.


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Observer Ranch Updates: December 2022


Did you miss getting on the original 2021 Founder Wall? As Professor Farnsworth from Futurama says, “Good news everyone” – from now until 12/31/2022, you can donate to get on our 2022 Founder Wall!

Your donation is tax deductible through Little Spark, a non-profit that helps with developments looking to empower through education.

CLICK HERE to download our Donation Form – we greatly appreciate your support!

Can I visit the Observer Ranch? We cannot host visitors/guests at this time – we are aiming for Summer 2023 but understand delays occur and may continue.

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…I cannot stress the importance of the work of yourself and the Observers at large have had on my life…

B. Medhurst 

Can I visiT Observer Ranch? 

Not yet! We cannot host visitors/guests at this time – we are hopeful for Summer 2023.

We are taking donations for the 2022 Founder Wall through the end of the year – CLICK HERE to make your tax deductible donation through Little Spark!