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Our first Children’s Book! A curious little girl and her cat head to the Sun to learn. A solar flare is released – will they make it back on time to see what happens on Earth?

With captivating illustrations to introduce young ones to our star, Kira and Lulu visit the Sun will make a perfect gift!

2018 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards Finalist – Children’s Picture Book

A little girl and her cat take a trip to visit each planet in the solar system – learning something special about each one.

From Venus’ yellow and brown skies, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, Neptune’s beautiful hues, take a trip with Kira and Lulu and see if you can name all the planets by the end! Makes a wonderful gift for a loved one.


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Space weather has become a recognized actor in weather, long-term climate change, seismicity, technological performance and biology. Combined with cosmic rays from the galaxy and beyond, the light, particles and magnetic fields of the sun interact with various layers of the earth from the outer magnetosphere down through the ionosphere and atmosphere, and even affecting the crust, mantle and perhaps the core. This third edition of the literature review covers ~500 of the most-important studies describing the interactions of earth and sun, including a new chapter on extreme solar activity and earth’s catastrophe cycle.

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Today, we can finally answer a challenged levied over 100 years ago, to explain ALL the evidence associated with these catastrophies.