Observer Ranch Campground & Learning Center will be an educational campground, offering classes, a library and learning opportunities in addition to camping activities! Located in Penrose, Colorado, with plenty to explore outdoors in the surrounding areas! Our first camping season will have:

  • 33 RV sites
  • RV Rentals (Limited Availability)
  • 6 Cabins (July/August) 
  • Tent Sites
  • 30 Storage Spots (Monthly RV/Boat Storage) 

Our Little Spark Library has 350+ books focused on Earth/Space Science, Nature, Outdoors, Classics, Gardening/Homesteading, Permaculture and more! Nurture your love of learning here and find a book that inspires you!

Our Learning Center will provide a space for informative classes, events, hands-on learning, and appeal to different learning styles and preferences! It is equipped with a 120′ projector.

Our hope is that you’ll come as you are, with your family, friends, kids, loved ones to connect to nature, and learn/deepen understanding of topics that pique your interest! 


Observer Ranch

Campground for Today, Education for Tomorrow



2014-2015: The Mobile Observatory Project traveled across the country in a retrofitted RV (75 events in 41 states and 4 provinces in 8 months!), doing educational outreach at museums, planetariums, schools and other venues, as well as hosting an annual conference series, Observing The Frontier from 2015-2019.

Over the last decade, we’ve hosted various Lunch and Learn events, published books, participated in community events; the Observer community has grown and our team hopes to bring the same spirit of community and connection at Observer Ranch! 

Conference Group Photo
Space Day at a Local School
Anika at an Observering The Frontier Conference 2018


…I’m constantly blown away by the detail, the research just the sheer amount of time and data it takes to put out these videos…

J. Hammock