Observer Ranch will be an educational campground and learning center that counters the narrative of fear by equipping and informing people of all ages through sharing scientific research and teaching hands-on skill sets. We, citizen scientists, inform you of the latest discoveries through digestible content that targets a multi-generational audience. The Earth is changing, thus necessitating the need for humans to learn how to adapt and thrive.

Observer Ranch teaches people to understand what signs to look for, how to prepare, and how to thrive amidst the changes that are happening on the surface of our sun.

Prior to this project, we traveled across the country in a retrofitted RV, doing educational outreach at museums, planetariums, schools and other venues (The Mobile Observatory Project), as well as annual conferences (Observing The Frontier)- we hope to bring the same spirit of community and connection at Observer Ranch!


…I’m constantly blown away by the detail, the research just the sheer amount of time and data it takes to put out these videos…

J. Hammock