Observer Ranch will be an educational campground and learning center that counters the narrative of fear by equipping and informing people of all ages through sharing scientific research and teaching hands-on skill sets. We, citizen scientists, inform you of the latest discoveries through digestible content that targets a multi-generational audience. The Earth is changing, thus necessitating the need for humans to learn how to adapt and thrive.  

Observer Ranch teaches people to understand what signs to look for, how to prepare, and how to thrive amidst the changes that are happening on the surface of our sun.

 Partner With Us

Are you interested in hosting classes, sponsoring events, or sharing your knowledge and skillsets with our community? Do you want to share your product or business with the Observers? We will be planning our schedule for the 2022 season; please reach out to Kat@ObservatoryProject.com

Long Term Lots

Have your own private lot within Observer Ranch! Be with a community of like minded observers. All neighbors will be responsible for their development costs and will contribute to the campground (education, gardening, campground hosting, etc.) – we are in this together!

Our intention is to have a small, intimate community within Observer Ranch, to support each other and the campground/learning center.

– 99 Year Leases, Paid Up Front

– Remaining parcels from 1/4 – 2 acres ($20-$150k), with Initial Membership and Quarterly Dues -2022 Expected Timelines for Development


For More Information, contact: Ben@ObservatoryProject.com



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We appreciate your support and are excited to continue the journey ahead with you!



Kat and Ben Davidson


Design Concepts for Observer Ranch


…I’m constantly blown away by the detail, the research just the sheer amount of time and data it takes to put out these videos…

J. Hammock